Recent Graduate Membership

In an effort to further our engagement efforts and membership retention among ISACA student members who recently graduated—and to expand our reach among the recent graduate population overall—ISACA will be offering a new, reduced-rate, Recent Graduate Membership to serve two distinct groups:

1)      Existing ISACA student members who recently graduated, and

2)      Individuals who are not currently ISACA members but who recently graduated.

Under this new program, ISACA will offer a reduced rate membership of US $68 annually (50% off the regular professional membership dues), plus applicable chapter dues. Recent graduates can take advantage of this offer for up to 2 years after they graduate. (Verification will be required for eligibility.) After two years, these individuals will be billed at the regular membership rate.


Click here to see the current dues. Please find Istanbul Chapter and Recent Graduate Chapter Fees on the list.

For further information visit Recent Graduate Membership website of ISACA.